Why we’re different – subpage

Why we’re different

PORT Tours aims to go beyond the standard virtual tour by providing the following available tools and features:

  • compatibility on all computer, smart phone, and tablet devices
  • hot spot navigational linking for true locational awareness
  • navigational buttons
  • interactive maps
  • Audio narrations
  • sound/music files
  • close up images and informational pop-ups within tour
  • fast downloads – even on 3G network for smartphones
  • cross-browser compatibility
  • external links to other pages, sites, or media
  • gyro feature for iPhones and iPads

With these features, PORT Tours creates a virtual environment that can be used for:

  • Universities
  • arenas for ticket purchasers
  • resorts and spas
  • golf courses
  • restaurants
  • online museum tours
  • new construction sites
  • educational tools in classrooms or workshops
  • references of areas
  • project discussion identification

and much more!